This pedal mirrors the Dumble amplifiers in many ways. The Holygrail Overdrive is a simple, somewhat homely looking pedal, and its knobs and jacks appear to have been labeled with a garden variety label-maker. The controls are Drive, Accent, Tone, and Volume, and features a Comp/Open voicing switch, just like the Dumble Overdrive Special Jazz/ Rock switch.

Absolutely next level when it comes to sweet, touch-sensitive overdrive and impeccably clean, transparent boost. The Dumble-like tones that come out of these little stompboxes is unreal! The controls are extremely responsive and allow for a massive spectrum of tonal options, all of which are completely usable.

In Comp mode you can coax tones of many famous players from Robben Ford to Larry Carlton. The tone get full, woody, round characteristics. Kick it in to Open mode and you get more mids and focus a-la Robben Ford, Keith Urban, Santana. There is quite a bit of headroom in this pedal it can be used as an organic boost to a full on Overdrive Special! The Drive control gently ramps up the gain, while the Accent controls the sensitivity and dynamics that correspond with the input coming from the instrument.

Holygrail Overdrive Specifications

What our customers think

I have long sort the elusive D* style tone and with my Holygrail Overdrive pedal now in my rig, I finally have the sound that is in my head!.
Thanks Martin!

Chris Parry

Pretoria, South Africa

Fantastic service, friendly and courteous. In my opinion the pedal is very well built, attractive, and most importantly of all, it sounds really good! Very happy with my purchase. I would also say I’m glad I got one fairly early because I believe between the customer service, quality and the tone of the pedal are definitely worth ALOT more than what they are being sold for. I’m surprised it’s not at least 299. Retains the guitar tone nicely as you increase the drive, very nice! Imo

Brett V

Holygrail Overdrive - Natural Blue Suede Leather

Good communication and quick shipping! The pedal sounds great and is a real bargain compared to many of the other boutique D-style pedals on the market.

John M

Holygrail Overdrive Natural Suede Leather

Very nice contact. We recommend. It’s really a great “Dumble Overdrive Pedal.”

Kal-uwe H

Holygrail Overdrive

Great pedal! Great communication and ultra fast shipment!

Antonios K

Holygrail Overdrive

This thing is EXCELLENT! It can genuinely fool your ears into thinking that you are playing a $100,000 amp. Looks great in suede too!

Mylo M

Holygrail Overdrive

Fast shipping, good price and great tones

Salandini M

Holygrail Overdrive

Thank you for the best pedal!

Kentaro M

Holygrail Overdrive

The seller has always responded immediately and shipped right away. More importantly this pedal sounds amazing! Played through a clean tube amp it creates the perfect blend of controlled distortion with touch sensitivity, awesome at “in between” distortion where all the articulation is still there but you have more compression, harmonics and excitement.

Steve G

Holygrail Overdrive Brown Suede Leather

Easy deal and super fast shipment. Owned many d-style pedals and must say this sounds really good! Five starts *****. Thanks Martin!

Jari H

Holygrail Overdrive Black Alligator Tolex

Perfect dumblestyle pedal and a lot more!!!! Thanks for a perfect purchase!

Thorsten H

Holygrail Overdrive Black Fender Tolex
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